Dog Coats - Designer Dog Coat Plaid Fur Trimmed Dog Harness Coat Pink And White

dog coat plaid fur trimmed dog harness coat pink and white

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This adorable Dog Jacket is crafted with high-quality wool for your dog’s utmost comfort. This beautiful and comfortable dog jacket comes with a detachable harness to make long walks and outdoor activities easier. It is designed carefully so that your fur baby’s mobility is not compromised. This stylish plaid dog coat is both functional and fashionable at the same time. Available in all sizes. 

  • Warm and Cozy Dog Coat
  • Detachable Harness
  • High-Quality Wool 
  • Functional Dog Coat
  • Fashionable Dog Coat
  • Pink and white plaid design
  • dog coat



 Size                 Back length               Chest                   neck           weight(lbs)

XS                    8”                               10”-13”                 7”-10”         3-5

S                      10”                              13”-16”                10”-12”      6-10  

M                      12”                             16”-19”                 12”-14”     11-15

L                       15”                             19”-22”                 14”-17”      16-25

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