Denim Sunset Blanket Coat

Denim Sunset Blanket Coat

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 These impressive wool dog coats rugs are still made in a style that was traditional in Mexico and the southwest United States.

  1.  kneeling before a vertical wooden-frame loom and using a shuttle to weave colored threads together into large-scale geometric patterns.
  2. Originally Navajo and other Southwest Indian blankets were made of hand-spun cotton thread Spanish brought domestic sheep to the region the Navajos switched to wool.
  3. This dog coat brown southwest style is very warm and made for small and large dogs
  4. This dog coat is 100 percent homemade.

 And I guarantee you they will help keep your pet warm. Dog coat Denim Sunset Blanket Coat is Great for cold days. It is made of 100% knit wool and dyed with natural plants and flowers

Please do not make your dog sleep outside. These and all my products are for caring people that do not leave their pets outside. We believe that is cruel and inhumane.

These are homemade dog sweaters color and style may vary a small bit. We believe in helping people make a living wage.

Chilly dog measuring chart for dog coats and dog sweaters

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