Clothes - Socks For Dogs Non Skid Dog Socks Green Camo

Socks for dogs non skid dog socks Green Camo

  • $11.99

Use socks for dogs anytime they need a little tender care for their feet. Limited time. Buy now. 

Use these socks to protect your dog's feet when walking on hot surfaces, cold, also there are so many important reasons to have your dog wear socks. However, do not use all the time or their God given shoes could get too soft. 

For dogs with foot injuries, allergies, and sensitive feet. Not meant to be worn all the time. Make sure to clip your dog child's toenails before use.

Clip dog’s claws before wearing. Dogs may prance when first wearing the socks. It helps to distract them with a treat or their favorite toy until they get used to them.


    Size       Length      Width

    xs          3"              1 3/4"

    s            3 5/8"        2"

    m           4 3/4"        2 1/4"

    L            5 1/2"        2 1/2"

    XL          6 1/2"        3 1/4"


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