Dog t-shirts and dog tank shirts. DIY decorate dog clothes

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Making dog T-shirts is a fun and easy way to start making your own dog clothes unique and expressing your inner dog. Handmade decorated T-shirts also make great gifts and if you can mass-produce them you may be able to make some extra cash.

  • dog t-shirts
  • dog tank tops
  • each color of a dog shirt is only that color
  • easy to decorate
  • cotton
  • fun to make as gifts or sell for some extra cash.

dog clothes measuring chart

Wash and dry the shirt. This is especially important if the shirt is brand new, as it will remove any starches and shrinking. Most t-shirts do not need to be ironed, but if your t-shirt has a lot of wrinkles in it, it would be a good idea to iron it.

dog clothes measuring chart

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