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Indoor dog gates and dog barriers.

 Buy now. We sell designer Interior dog cages and barriers. These also make great gifts!

We have designer wood products for homes with dogs. You will love the furniture your dog child can actually use and so can you. These designer Interior dog cages and barriers are beautiful. 

The furniture serves a dual purpose of great looking furniture and an interior dog cage for your pets and an end table for you and your guests.

 This company also has wooden dog barriers that will grace many a home. Think how nice it will be not looking at plastic children gates. Then when your pet needs to get away (at least for a while.) You will have a very nice looking barrier or even a dog cage to use.

Sizing Chart


Small dogs

  • 360 Configurable Gate 24”
  • Slide Gate Medium 24”

Medium dogs

  • 360 Configurable Gate 30”
  • Classic Designer Gate 27”
  • Contemporary Designer Gate 27”
  • Slide Gate large 30”

Large dogs

  • 360 Configurable Gate 36”
  • Classic Designer Gate 35”
  • Contemporary Designer Gate 35”


Small and medium dogs

    • End Table Crate Medium

Large dogs

  • End Table Crate Large
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