Airline Carrier For Small Dogs - Doggie Design Madison Mia Michele Mocha Dog Carry Bag

Dog carrier bag airline approved. Doggie design Madison Mia Michele mocha

  • $190.00

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Buy now! This is airline approved and is a luxurious and discreet, nobody has to know you have your dog with you.

Our dog carrier bag Doggie design Madison Mia Michele mocha tote feature 2 large inside pockets for storage.  It has plenty of room for your personal items, including your tablet. Dog carrier bag airline approved.

DO put your dog in your lap or under the seat in front of you on an airplane.

Do not let the crew put your dog in the upper head bins nor in the cargo hold. Your dog will die!

Size Dimensions:  15 Inch Length x 10 Inch High (Outside Top Flap Folds Down for Airline Sizing)           




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