Carriers And Slings To Carry Your Dog Child With You. - Dog Carrier Tote Frosted Sno Adjustable Sling Bag Designed To Be Used With A Cozy

Dog carrier tote Frosted Sno Adjustable Sling Bag designed to be used with a cozy

  • $90.00

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Buy now! Dog carrier tote is a great gift and elegant.

Dog carrier tote. This sling is only for dogs 10 lbs and under, it has a latch to hook to your dog's harness. Your dog child will be secure! The dog will be hanging around your midsection. cozy link

What kind of good compliments do you think you will get with a Dog carrier tote?

  These slings are made to be comfortable not only for your dog but for yourself. They look good and make you and your doggie look good! great gift.

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