Dog carrier and care dog seat Gen7Pets Commuter Pet Carrier + Car Seat

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Buy now! It is very important you buy this now. It is the only safety tested dog carrier on the market. And can help save your pet.

Crash Tested Gen7 Commuter™ Dog, Cat, Pet Carrier + Car Seat Crash tested and 5-Star rated by The Center for Pet Safety®, the Gen7 Commuter™ Pet Carrier & Car Seat, provides comfort and security while on the go.

You can use this in your car it comes with a seatbelt latch and shoulder strap for car safety travel for pets up to 20 lb. It also doubles as an airline approved carrier for your dog or cat.

"This carrier is much pricier than others I saw but well worth the price! My pup is only 4 lbs right now and I wanted something safe and secure while driving. This carrier is extremely well made, sturdy, easy to carry with the long and short handles, and buckles in with any standard car seatbelts. I have such a great peace of mind with this carrier in the car. My picky pup also liked this right from the moment I put it together! Definitely would recommend this to any pet parent." This is a video of the crash test. unfortunately, I could not place it on here. So you would have to hit back to get here again.

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