Best dog boutique

Your dog child loves to dress to show off your sense of style. She/he loves you and wants you to be proud of them. How about putting on a fashionista dog fashion show as you walk down the street. Your dog-loving neighbors will look forward to seeing what she/he wears next.

Your little fur babies will love these dog clothes from the Best dog boutique as she/he walks down the aisle. Whether it be the aisle on the sidewalks of your neighborhood or down the wedding aisle your girl/boy will just draw adoring fans. You will want to increase her fashion inventory and we have many dog dresses to show off her girly-girl attitude. Start building his/her collection of dog clothes here at the best dog boutique.

The dogs with a high fashion sense like to make you smile. Make sure you give her that opportunity to increase her quality dog wardrobe. The features of this dog dress are enormous. 


 Size                 Back length               Chest                   neck           weight(lbs)

XS                    8”                               10”-13”                 7”-10”         3-5

S                      10”                              13”-16”                10”-12”      6-10  

M                      12”                             16”-19”                 12”-14”     11-15

L                       15”                             19”-22”                 14”-17”      16-25