Dog mat Montana nap best dog mat beats the best of the top online retailer.

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The Montana nap is the best dog mat of all online competitors. It deserves to be at or near the top of mats. The excellent and tough construction of this mat is worthy of praise. 

The mat is made in the USA. Materials are made from Intelli loft it has no dangerous materials in it, unlike those made in Asian countries. The stitches are tough and stand up to most chewers. Great for crates and even the back seat of your car to help keep the fur off of your car seats. intelli loft material

 Read a review from one of our many customers. We are sure you will find it helpful. 

"I'm here to purchase another mat. Our first mat was purchased in the Bay Area about 8-years ago. The Nap Mat looks as good as new.
My small dog used it so many reasons; camping, crate time, when she was injured and needed to be flat.
Wherever the mat is, Annie is on it. I really like knowing it is a U.S.A. made product - and of recycled materials; a "win win."
Thank for making such a find product."


Flat mat sizing chargeLove it guarantee.

You love it or you can get a refund or a replacement just email picture of mat to 

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