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Posted by Kudobuzz Collaborator on is a new dog toy and canine products e-store. They offer a variety of products including educational and stimulating dog toys.  Another unique product they carry their Puppy Cake Perfume, a great scent to complete a dog grooming session or dog bath. They are currently offering free shipping with a $75.00 purchase. The team truly believe in their dog toys. They feel they are truly the best dog toys in the market and want to share them with you. Here is a link to one of our favorite dog toys: Jive Dog Ball Expect a 7-10 day delivery time, with...

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Spring dog strollers

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This dog stroller includes free shipping just buy it and forget about any shipping cost in the 49 USA states not including Hawaii and Alaska. These dog strollers are made with aluminum and our strongest has a metal bar for support. They come with many pockets to carry doggy supplies; like potty pads, dog food, and water. You can also put your purse or wallet in one of the side pockets. It has two beverage containers next to the easy grip handle Very easy to put together. Watch our video and you will be amazed. Just search dog strollers and...

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How to get your dog to ride in a carrier

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