What a new puppy needs to thrive

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  • The need for a suitable environment.

  • The need for a suitable diet.

  • The need to exhibit normal behavior patterns.

  • The need to be housed with or apart from other animals.

  • The need to be protected from pain, suffering, and disease.

What you need to fulfill all five needs of your new puppy and how we can help to fulfill them. All puppies you are bringing home should be well thought of and planned. We can help you meet these needs for your dogs and cats. Make sure you give them food and water. Many high-quality dog clothes are fun for your dog to wear and fun for you to dress them up and as dog owners and cat owners there is nothing wrong with dressing them up. Dog parents and Cat parents are needed to provide obedience training, house training, in order to avoid a lot of work to correct behavior problems later in life.

Dogs require a cage at least until they are potty trained you should always place a dog bed or dog blanket in the cage with your dog.

And just as important make sure to socialize your dog before 14 to 16 weeks of age bring him around other dogs but only reward him/her when he ignores the other dog(s), people, loud music, loud noises, and finally reward when they are calm. You are to become the reward giver to your dog. If you are using food, make the treats 70% percent of his diet and the other 30% as his meal using a food bowl.

Make sure you are feeding them a suitable diet puppy food or age-appropriate adult dog food also using stainless steel bowls are suitable utensils to use to feed your dog. I highly recommend Wysong raw and freeze-dried dog food. The freeze-dried process makes sure that no bacteria gets into the food. If you love to cook for your dog just add protein cooked or raw to The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food, it is human grade so you can eat it and thrive. 

Your dog needs to be free to exhibit normal behavior patterns. Such as allowing your cat to play out his or her nature to hunt toys or follow laser pointer. I don't condone cats to be able to roam around outside because they will kill rabbits, birds, anything they can hunt. Dog's like to bury items and to socialize with both the family and other dogs.

The housing of dogs and cats vary vastly. Cats are more solitary animals and are happier being left to their own devices. Whereas dogs are more a pack animal and become quite lonely when left alone I recommend at least two dogs in the house to fulfill their need to communicate. 

The need to be protected from pain, suffering, and disease. Make sure your dog has all vaccinations, teeth brushed, watching weight and regular visits to the Dr.

I would have to say brushing your dog's teeth is one of the best things you can do for your pets please use dog toothpaste. Most people do not brush their dog and cat's teeth and the animal starts to get gingivites and dental problems around 3 yrs old. 

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