The best dog blankets are comforting and warm.

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The very best dog blankets are comforting and warm.

I do know by having more than a few furry friends in my life, that fur babies do enjoy their own comfortable dog blankets,the best dog blankets are comforting and warm. I have owned dogs for over 20 years and in my journey of becoming a dog parent. I have found that Value= love for your dog+ price of an item, is a true and correct "test" of dog parenting. This includes food, exercise, quality of life such as not having an "outside dog" - just an excuse to say "I have a dog but I don't really care at all for my pet" or in our observations the best dog parents "get pets to truly love them and consider them to be an integral part of the family."

You may have many questions such as: What is the best material for a dog blanket? What is a good size for a dog blanket? Do dogs need a blanket? Do dogs like blankets? and finally, Do dogs like to sleep with their owners?

The best material for a dog blanket is fleece. Fleece dog blanket gives your dog an anxiety-free and soft area to sleep or rest. From the smallest of dogs Chihuahuas to large dogs' Afghan hounds, all dogs love to snuggle in an ultra-soft machine washable and made from a plush material such as a fleece dog blanket. Fleece blankets offer a super soft comfortable and warm all over cozy feeling to your dog child.

We have found the best size for dog blanket depends on the size of your dog. I recommend a cozy blanket the size 24X30 inches for small to medium size dogs. For larger dogs, 58X68 throw blanket may also be used for yourself as a bed throw. Throw blankets not only makes you feel safe, warm and secure they are also a great way to decorate your bed or your dog's bed. Throw blankets for you and/or your dog. We know most dog parents love to have their pet sleep with them. Why not make it luxurious and fun? You can have your matching throw blanket on your bed with your dog's throw blanket or you can share your blanket with them.

Dogs need blankets to fill their emotional need to feel safe. Source: James D. Huysman Psy.D., LCSW

Life in the Recovery Room

"I am enamored by this quote from the author, Anais Nin, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”. Truer words were never spoken when it comes to embracing our own emotional safety as caregivers, the topic for this month’s self-care offering.                     

Most of us have known the feeling of being safe on the lap of a loved one when we were children. Feel-good places and the feelings that accompany them may become imprinted on our hearts and in our memories. Sometimes the memories fade but the feeling remains." 

Do dogs like blankets? ./

Fur babies are very loving, loyal and nonjudgmental sweethearts who will be your best friend for years to come as long as you are kind, gentle, treat them right and never abuse them. Sleeping under the covers can help your fur baby with anxiety to feel safe and calmer. My fur baby Ginger sleeps at night in bed next to me. She loves to sleep with her very own blanket that she drags from her doggie bed up her doggie steps as she jumps over me, drops her blanket down. Does a few bunny hops over it then pushes it around with her paws and nose then circles around a few times and last plops down onto it and rolls all-around in her blanket until it's in a ball then she gets all snug in her blanket and she peacefully sleeps all night as she lightly snores. It’s the cutest thing ever. So as you can see it’s true fur babies do love their blanket as it truly does comfort them and help them feel safe and secure. Kinda like they do for you when your fur baby jumps up in your lap and kisses you and no matter how good or bad your day was it just turns your frown upside down. So if your fur baby already has their own blanket then you already know exactly what I’m talking about. If your fur baby does not have their own blanket then do you and your fur baby a favor and surprise them with one soon. You will make their day.

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