Dog harness vs dog collars — durable dog harness

Is Your Dog attacking Other Dogs? 3 Tips to Correct This Behavior

Posted by Ray Quintana on

Is your dog attacking other dogs? Learn how to retrain your dog to stop this behavior in this informative post.

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Dog walking: Choosing a Dog Harness Your Pooch Will Love

Posted by Amit Jivani on

You’ve decided it is time to start walking your dog and gather some other dog items. It’s time to pick up the essentials like bowls, food, toys, brushes, and a dog harness. When facing a store full of dog harnesses, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Not every harness works with every dog. The one you choose boils down to your dog’s size and attitude. Hyper dogs that tend to pull when they see something that excites them need a harness made out of a material that can handle the excitement, for example. To help you choose a harness...

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