Jimmy the dog rescued from steep cliff

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Jimmy the dog rescued from steep cliff over Bells Beach.

Emergency services workers have scaled down a steep cliff on Victoria's Great Ocean Road to rescue a stranded dog named Jimmy.

Key points

  • People walking on Bells Beach spotted the dog high on the cliff and called triple-0
  • The CFA high angle rescue crew were called in from Geelong to winch the dog to safety
  • Jimmy's owners were surprised by his exploits saying they did not even know he was gone


People walking on Bells Beach spotted the black and white dog about halfway down the cliff on a narrow ledge.

They called triple-0 and the CFA and SES responded to rescue the dog.

Country Fire Authority Commander Mark Sinkinson said Jimmy's owners did not even know he was missing.

"We're not sure how or why the dog got out but it was pretty happy to be back up in the car park," he said.

The CFA team used ropes anchored to a ute to lower an officer down to the dog, which greeted him with a vigorous wag of the tail.


The dog was secured into a harness with the rescuer and raised to the top of the cliff.

Commander Sinkinson said it was a good chance for the Geelong High Angle Rescue Team to practise its skills.

"It was a good training drill … because we have had scenarios where we've had people rescued here from the cliffs in this area," he said.

"It was good to be able to put it into practise [our skills] and get Jimmy back up."

He said the crews did a dynamic risk assessment to make sure it was safe for the rescue crews.

Jimmy owners, who are from the Jan Juc area, were not aware of the dog's exploits.

"Jimmy's owners were quite surprised to see the fuss that he'd caused but [it was] a great result for Jimmy and everyone involved," Commander Sinkinson said.


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