Is Your Dog attacking Other Dogs? 3 Tips to Correct This Behavior

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Is your dog attacking other dogs? Learn how to retrain your dog to stop this behavior in this informative post.


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Find yourself wondering, "why is my dog lunging at other dogs?"

Dogs may lunge at other dogs for a variety of reasons. Dogs that suffer from anxiety, dogs with aggressive behavior, or even dogs who get excited easily may lung towards other dogs. Correcting the behavior may start with understanding the reasons why your dog lunges. 

There may not be one specific reason. Your dog may lung for more than one of the reasons listed. Unfortunately, lunging at other dogs isn't the most desirable behavior. 

Lunging can make walks unenjoyable. Correcting the behavior will make walks more enjoyable for both you and your pup! 

Continue reading below to learn how to stop your dog from lunging at others. 

1. The Right Harness and Leash

If your dog tends to lunge at other dogs while out in public, then the first step may be to purchase the right dog harness and leash. You want to make sure that the harness and leash you choose will give you the most control over your dog. 

A 5ft leash with a cushioned handle will make controlling your pup easier on you and them. Using an extended leash allows more freedom for your dog, which they may not be ready for. Because your dog is a lunging dog, a leash on a collar may injure your dog. 

The harness prevents injuries and gives you full control of its entire body, not just its neck. 

2. Stop and Take a Step Back

If you notice your dog lunging at other dogs, then it may be best to stop and take a step back. Does your pup suffer from anxiety? They may be lunging to get away from the other dogs near them and not to go towards them. 

Is your pup dog aggressive? Not all dogs are aggressive towards people and other dogs. Some are only dog-aggressive

In this case, do your best to give your dog plenty of space between them and other dogs. 

3. Try the "Watch Me" Technique

The "watch me" technique is a good way to distract your pup from other dogs and correct its behavior. As soon as you begin to feel your dog pull on the leash, stop, and point to your nose. Say to your dog, "watch me" as you point. 

When your dog stops, sits, and looks at you, reward them with a treat! This may take a few times until they get it right, but they'll soon realize if they stop and look at you, then they get a reward. 

You Can Prevent Your Dog From Lunging at Other Dogs

When your dog lunges at other dogs, it can be uncomfortable and stressful. Understand that lunging at other dogs is normal behavior and common for many pups who haven't been taught otherwise. Some training and consistency will come in handy. 

Use the information given in the guide above to help get you started. 

When you're ready to buy your dog its first dog leash and harness for ultimate control, be sure to browse through our collection to start your journey to a better-behaved pup.  


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