Dog walking: Choosing a Dog Harness Your Pooch Will Love

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You’ve decided it is time to start walking your dog and gather some other dog items. It’s time to pick up the essentials like bowls, food, toys, brushes, and a dog harness. When facing a store full of dog harnesses, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Not every harness works with every dog. The one you choose boils down to your dog’s size and attitude. Hyper dogs that tend to pull when they see something that excites them need a harness made out of a material that can handle the excitement, for example.

To help you choose a harness that both you and your dog will love, check out this quick buying guide. 

Choosing the Best Dog Harness

Before we get into the different types of dog harnesses you can choose from, let's talk about what you should be looking for in a product. Here are a couple of ways you know you've found the right harness for your dog. 

It Connects the Way You Want 

Harnesses come in two different models, front-clip and back-clip. They both have their own set of pros and cons. Front-clip harnesses will allow you to keep plenty of control over your dog.

They don't always work well when dealing with aggressive dogs, however, and they tend to get tangled up under the dog. It can get pretty annoying having to constantly stop your pet to adjust it. 

Back-clip harnesses are comfortable for the dog and you will have much control over them when they pull you. 

Measure Your Dog 

Before you go out shopping for a dog harness, you should measure your dog. The harness should be secure but it shouldn't be so tight that it makes your puppy feel uncomfortable. It also shouldn't be so loose that they're able to work themselves out of it. 

dog harness measuring chart


If you're buying the harness for a puppy, you should measure them every few days or so. Puppies grow so fast that a harness that fit them one day may be too tight the next. 

Consider Padding

If your dog has a lot of hair, they won't need the extra protection that comes from padded harnesses. Short-haired breeds are a different story. They need the padding or else they may experience some skin irritation. 


You need a durable dog harness that can stand up to even the strongest pullers. If the material feels cheap, it will most likely start falling apart sooner than you would like. 

When choosing a material, you should consider cleaning as well. Cloth harnesses that have a lot of padding get dirty fast and will need to be washed, for example. If you're looking for a material that's easy to clean, nylon is the way to go.

Leather is the best option for dogs that have sensitive skin. It's also a sturdy material that looks and feels great when you polish it. 

Types of Dog Harnesses

There are a lot of different dog harnesses on the market. Each one serves a different purpose and some of them are better for some dogs than others. 

Training harnesses 

If your dog tends to be overly excitable and tries to chase small animals or get to people, you'll benefit from picking up a no-pull harness. These types of harnesses clip at the back. 

When your dog pulls the leash, their weight will be distributed across their chest rather than across their throat. So, your dog won't be in danger of choking no matter how hard they pull.  

Step-In Harness

Step-in harnesses are the easiest one to put on your pet. As the name suggests, all you have to do is lay it down and let your pet step into it. These harnesses have adjustable sides so it won't be hard for you to find one that will fit your pooch. 

Assist Harness

The older your dog gets, the harder it will be for them to get around. They still need to be walked like any other dog though which is where assist harnesses come in. Assist harnesses have handles that you can use to easily carry the dog downstairs or out of your vehicle. 

Cute Dog Harness 

If you're looking for a harness that will show off your dog's unique personality, get them a fashion harness. They come in designer fabrics and patterns that will get your pet plenty of attention when you're walking down the street. 

They are created using breathable fabrics that will keep your pet cool on hot days. A lot of times they come complete with a cute matching leash as well. 

Safety Harness

Does your dog wander the vehicle around when you take them on car rides? If you have to slam on the breaks they could be thrown to the floor below. 

Protect your dog with a safety harness. It attaches to your car's normal seat belt system to keep them secure while you drive. When you reach your destination, you can easily detach the harness and use it to walk your dog. 

Get a Dog Harness You and Your Pooch will Love 

Are you looking for the best dog harness for your pet? There are many different types out there but not all of them will work for your dog. You have to keep the size of your dog and their temperament in mind when you're making your selection. 

If you get one that's not a good fit for your pup, it may end up doing more harm than good. We've got a wide selection of harnesses that you and your pet will love. Check out our shop to find one that will suit your needs. 

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