Do dogs really need sweaters?

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While this may at first appear to be a light concern to those who would scoff at the idea of dressing a dog, there are still many dog owners who have seen their dogs shiver violently after exposure to winter temperatures.

No need to fear, many caring people put their dogs in Chilly dog sweaters. If you have seen your dogs shiver in the freezing weather. If you are concerned about your dog being cold, there is certainly no harm in putting on a sweater.

  • eco-friendly design that uses only plant-sourced, natural dyes and wool 100% homemade cable knit wool Helping those less fortunate to provide for themselves.Warm dog sweater Black Polka Dot Pink Flower Dog Sweater

Dog sweaters are important but if you are still on the fence, consider this: Sure, dogs come equipped with their own external layering system, but some dogs have lighter layers of fur than others, and some are not genetically suited to the environments in which they find themselves transplanted. So your dog may, in fact, be extremely uncomfortable with the winter temperatures — as uncomfortable as you would be if you went outside without clothing.

A picture of a black knit cable sweater for a dog


This dog sweater is a favorite and sells out very quickly and it may take up to a year to get more inventory. Small dogs need knit sweaters the wool helps trap in body heat and your dog will be comfortable in cold weather. The dog clothes and even dog hoodies are very handy and make a great contribution to your dog child's wardrobe. Buy several of the sweaters your neighbors will love to see your dog's sense of fashion as well as your own. So whether you are taking your fur baby for a potty break or for a walk around the nearest dog park or your cities sidewalks your neighbors will admire your care for your fur baby.

Value = love of dog+price of item(s)

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