All dogs should be inside dogs. Here is everything you need to know.

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 There are nearly 90 million dogs in the United States.

With this astounding amount of beloved pets in homes across the United States, making sure your inside dog is well-provided for is one of the most important affects you will have on your pet's life.

Food and water are essential, of course. But stimulating entertainment and a comfortable place to call their own are also critical aspects of taking care of your dog.

Pets become part of your family. Treat your dogs like the family they are, and discover our top five points for maintaining your dog's health and security.

  1. Give Your Dog a Space of Its Own

Just like people, dogs can show signs of anxiety or be overwhelmed in an uncomfortable environment.

Providing a room, area, or inside dog house for your dog to retreat to is a great way for your pet to spend quality time on its own. This way, it won't become aggressive or snappish towards guests.

Reinforcing this room or area as a positive, safe space will help your dog understand that this "safe space" is for them whenever they need it. 

  1. Make Sure Your Dog Has Family Time

Dogs are social creatures, just like humans, and need to spend time with their people and other dogs. I recommend two dogs per house hold for a healthy social environment.

While it's great for your dog to have a space to go to for privacy, make sure your dog is getting some quality time with your family. Playing, walking, and even just petting are all good ways to remind your pet that they are loved.

  1. Provide a Comfortable Bed

Dog beds are specially designed to be comfortable for your canine companions. Dogs run at a different temperature than humans and can overheat or get chilled without proper care.

Orthopedic beds are perfect for older dogs, while self-warming mats are wonderful for cold winter months. Make sure bedding is clean and has no rips or tears where stuffing can be torn out. 

  1. Keep Hazards Away

It should go without saying: keep anything that can be hazardous out of your dog's reach. Even the best inside dogs can find their way into trouble if left unsupervised with potentially dangerous materials.

Make sure your dog does not have access to pellet stoves, fireplaces, or other heating elements without supervision. Chemicals and certain foods can also be disastrous if your pet gets into them.

  1. Toys Are Fun and Stimulating

Taking care of your dog isn't all serious business. Part of creating a suitable environment for dogs is including entertainment options too.

Your inside dog should have access to plenty of toys. A range of toys is great for all types of dogs, whether they like to chew, chase, or work out puzzles.

Toys offer mental stimulation for your dogs. If they are left home alone while you're at work, toys are wonderful boredom busters. A bored dog is often a naughty dog, so it's best to avoid that possibility altogether.

Dogs Are Man's Best Friend

A suitable environment for your inside dog will take a little fine-tuning but is well worth the effort. 

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