A Complete Guide How to Protect Your Dog and Cat From COVID-19

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Humans have taken up a lot of the spotlight in this pandemic.

Yes, the reasons for that are obvious. Yet many pet owners are still unsure if the coronavirus is a risk to their pets and how to protect them if so. After all, they're part of the family, too.

So here's how to protect your dog and cat from COVID-19.

Social Distancing

You may already be sick of hearing the phrase, but social distancing is the key to so many COVID-19 strategies.

It goes for pets, too. When exercising your dog, try to keep a safe distance from other dog owners and their dogs, and keep your dog on the leash. This will reduce the likelihood of you and your dog catching the disease.

Cat owners are lucky, as cats tend to be solitary and avoidant of strangers by their nature. Still, if your cat receives the occasional treat from a neighbor, it may be a good idea to put an end to that behavior.

Keep Them Clean

Cleanliness is another of the major ways we can control the spread of the virus. This is where pet owners face a challenge because pets usually have a lower hygiene level than their owners.

Consider giving your pet more frequent baths for now, and keep them away from outdoor sources of bacteria. Pets don't need a daily shower and the antibacterial handwashes of their owners, but a little more hygiene can go a long way.

You don't need to use any special cleaning treatments for your pet. Simply bathe them as you usually would. Some human-compatible chemicals aren't suitable for pets, so be sure to use pet-friendly treatments.

Look After Yourself

It's important to remember your pet shares their life with you. As such, taking care of yourself will do a lot to protect your pet.

The same rules about social distancing and hygiene apply. You should also wear a mask when in contact with other people and avoid gathering with others. These things will all keep the coronavirus out of your home and away from your pets.

Vaccination (Eventually)

There's a lot of focus on vaccinating humans right now, but what about your pets?

Some scientists have already highlighted that a COVID-19 vaccine for dogs may become available. Just as COVID-19 appears to have begun in animals, so animals can pass the disease on and become a breeding ground for new variants.

So while vaccinating the human population is the current priority, a COVID-19 vaccine for cats and dogs may become part of your usual pet vaccinations. However, it's also possible that reaching a safe vaccination threshold in humans will be enough to protect pets.

How to Protect Your Dog and Cat from COVID-19

If you've been wondering how to protect your cat and dog from COVID-19, it may be a relief to know that much of the same advice that humans follow still applies. Follow common sense and the advice of scientists and you can keep your pets as safe as they can be until pet vaccinations become normal.

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