Dog clothing experts

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Dog clothing experts

September 06, 2019

It is very important to Understand dog clothing and how to use them.


I have found that it is very important for both you and your dog to understand the reason to understand dog clothing and how to use them. I have a certificate about the truth of cats and dogs. As a participant in the Northwestern social marketing programing and a pet owner for 40 years. Here is some information that I gathered from two experts in the field on why and how to clothe your dog. Each author and sources will be cited in this article.


  1. Prevent Hypothermia especially for your small dogs and Great Danes, and other short hair dogs to regulate their body temperature. *
  2. Pampered Pooch many people love to dress their dogs and many dogs love to be dressed.
  3. Start Early and Simple it is a good idea to start dressing your dog when it is young however this is not necessary.



Mr. Becker believes that has we humanize our pets it is no longer unusual to see dogs in shirts, dresses, hats. He has found that dogs need help to regulate body temperature. Some parents love to dress their dog and pamper them and whatever the case you can teach your dog child to be comfortable in clothes.

A lot of dogs also love to be dressed up and you can show them how to be the best-dressed dog in the neighborhood. Even if you don’t plan on regularly dressing up your dog. It’s best to teach your dog to be comfortable in clothes when they are puppies, in case a change of outfit is needed, or to maintain proper body temperature.

“As soon as the outfit is off, the treats, praise and fun times should be lessened so your dog realizes that clothes mean fun and games. Eventually, your dog will not only tolerate wearing clothes but will actually enjoy it! This is a graph showing how we as a country are spending more and more money on our furry


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 Dr. Jerry Klein, CVO  From the A.K.C American Kennel Club.

(paraphrased) That dogs especially small dogs or dogs with no hair or thin hair should be dressed in dog sweaters and dog jackets. Here is what we as responsible dog owners and dog parents must watch for.

Signs of Early Hypothermia in Dogs Include:
• Shivering
• Cold ears and feet
• Rapid breathing
• Increase in urination
• Hair standing on ends

“If you notice these signs, bring your dog indoors right away, dry him off with a warm towel, and offer fresh, lukewarm water. It is also recommended to call your veterinarian or emergency vet clinic to be sure your dog is safe from hypothermia or frostbite.”

Be sure to check back for information on dog dental care, dog dresses, pet furniture, dog toys, dog blankets, and beds

*I need to add disclaimer dog sweaters nor dog jackets are to be used to keep any dog outside for an extended amount of time. We believe it is cruel and inhumane to make your dog sleep outside and the sweaters and jackets are not to be used as a way to justify a horrid reason to keep your dog outside.

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