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Immediate chat now available just click on talk with us and you will hear from me pretty much instantly.

Imagine getting your questions answered right away. How convenient is that?

Contact now and get great immediate chat help or telephone if you want. 

My dog children take turns sitting at their desk to answer your questions expertly and fully, of course, we have a rotating scheduling so we can keep fresh for your immediate chat. ruff ruff come talk to us.


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    Once you find out I can give you a recommendation right now I am leaning to the honest kitchen 100% approved by the FDA for humans consumption

    Hi , Joyce i would. Take that.up. With your vet
  • How much food should my 14 yr. old min pin be eating? He has a heart murmur & on medication & very inactive. He weighs 20 lbs. Is that over weight?

    Joyce Spencer

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