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How to potty train your dog.

One of the questions I receive the most, is how to potty train your dog?

Potty train your dog is one of the most important questions you can ask. 1st of all I do not recommend you train your dog to go on a potty pad. I believe your dog should go outside (don't) forget to clean up after your dog. There are two reason for this 1st it will enable your dog to get give your dog more exercise. 2nd your apartment or house will not smell of dog urine or feces.

It is very important to get your dog a wire cage this will help to potty train your dog child and is the quickest way to train your dog to "hold it in" 

I am not saying make your dog sleep in it unless he/she wants to or you can also want them to sleep with you. The first thing to do is to set apart 3 continuous days  to train your dog other family members can also help if you don't have 3 days to work with your dog. 

 The day you start to train your friend is to take him/her outside as soon as they wake up stay with them outside for 20 minutes. Then you begin to use the dog cage to train potty training place your dog in the cage and lock it for 40 minutes after you do this take your dog back outside for 20 minutes. Keep doing this for entire waking hours. This trains the dog to hold "it" as most dogs do not like to sleep where they stay. In three days your pet will start going to the door and wait for you to let him outside use leash with a harness if you live in an apartment. And it is that easy also you can train any dog of any age to go outside to do their business. If you have any questions call me or post in the comment section. We do not make dog parents, we make dog parents better.

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