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Emotional support Dogs How to get.

Hi, if you are thinking about getting or making your pet into an emotional support animal. 

I can help you it is pretty easy. You will have to take your dog to your psychologist. They determine how the dog will help you over a few months of appointments. Then you set up a time for your dog to meet with a licensed trainer to see if your dog can pass a series of tests. Like barking control and being calm etc. They are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Businesses nor people can ask you why you need your dog to be with you. They can not deny your dog from living with you as well as flying on an airplane.However, they may request a doctor's simple note just saying that you need the dog for medical reasons. Ask the doctor not to put the reason down because that is your privacy rights under Hippa and ADA.

All residents must allow your ESA while they are living with you. They are not allowed to ask for any letter as to why you need an animal support pet. The airlines must also allow you to bring your dog with you, you can put them under the seat. Never let them put them in the upper holding area nor in the belly of the plane. Airlines may also require a doctors note stating that you need this dog for a medical reason. Ask the doctor not to put down your diagnoses as this is your right under Hippa and ADA.

 More information regarding ESA emotional support animals.

An (ESA) animal is an animal that can provide emotional and therapeutic benefit to those suffering from emotional issues, anxiety or psychiatric problems.  Most often an emotional support animal is a cat or a dog but we have seen other animals like pigs also registered.

In order to benefit from the federal law protection under the United States, a person must have a note from a licensed mental health counselor stating the person has a condition and the animal provides emotional support benefiting the person with the disability. The animal doesn’t need specific working abilities to become an emotional support animal.



The U.S. federal protection act protects against housing discrimination supports the access for emotional support animals under two federal statutes:

  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988.


Absolutely The Air Carriers Access Act allows for mentally or emotionally disabled persons to be accompanied on flights by an emotional support animal.


Thousands of our clients have had success utilizing our services allowing their emotional support animal in public places and housing.  These laws create a rule that a landlord or public facility cannot discriminate against a person or persons with an emotional support animal.  People with an emotional support animal may request a reasonable accommodation such as a waiver of no pets policy due to the animal being an emotional support animal under both the FHAA and Section 504.      Please check with the State and/or the Federal Government because laws change quickly


  • I am not sure why you are upset. Emotional Support Animals are allowed in restaurants, hospitals, stores, you see there is a loophole your comment neglects. A person or business is not allowed to ask if you are disabled and they are not allowed to ask anything about you ESA except maybe a dr’s note.
  • ESA’s are not allowed in non pet friendly public places, like restraunts, hospital’s, etc. They are not covered by the ADA, They do not have the same access right’s as a Service Dog, and unless a Church gives permission, Service Dog’s and ESA’s are not allowed in Church’s or Sinagauges, they do not have to follow ADA Federal Law’s
    ESA’s are only covered under the Fair Housing Act and Transportation


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