Dogparentsonline puppy toys, indestructible dog toys and raw dog food.

 a story once upon a dog parent time and one sweet rescued dog and a puppy with his own special puppy toys. 

I had two chihuahuas named Poko and Baby. Baby was a rescue dog from the Aspca she cost 75.00 dollars but was actually the most expensive dog I ever bought. You see my wife went to get her while I was at work, even though I told her no. So here comes this new dog into my life and I fell in love with her, the apartment complex did not allow dogs so we had to move out which by the way is always expensive, I believe it was a total cost of 3000.00 dollars. We noticed she seemed kind of lonely so we bought her a dog, a dog named Poko cost was 1000.00 dollars so a 75.00 rescue dog actually cost 4,500. :) 

That is when I became a dog parent and started on a journey to please my dogs with indestructable dog toys.

 They loved to chew on toys, so we bought them INDESTRUCTIBLE DOG TOYS from West Paw. They loved them and they lasted a very long time.


We moved to Denver Colorado and now I a dog parent not only wanted to get the best freeze dried raw dog food so my new dog kids could live with us for a much longer time.


We started to buy them the best dog food we could find and put them on a mixture of freeze dried raw dog food, canned food, and dry dog food. We were so happy we did and our dog children loved it, especially baby our one eyed rescue dog. I have much to tell you about baby and poko so keep on eye out for blogs on this miraculous story.

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